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Welcome to East-Jutland!

First of all, a warm welcome to Denmark, to East-Jutland and to my extensive website!

This website was launched in 2000 and at that time sponsored by the County of Aarhus. Unfortunately, all counties in Denmark are being closed down, giving way to larger municipalities instead. For that reason and as of April this year I was handed over which I had invented, created and maintained for the county since 2000. My only obligation being to continue maintaining and updating it on a regular basis.

I will continue updating on a monthly basis as I have done so far for the county. I am also expanding it to contain more how-to information on fish, fishing and fishing waters in East Jutland.

For your information I am a fisheries biologist by education from the University of Århus but now a full time outdoor writer and photographer by profession. I work for a number of magazines - mostly the Scandinavian fly only magazine "Flugfiske i Norden" where I am on the editorial staff. I am also have my own angling page in "Jyllands-Posten", the largest Danish newspaper.

Being a fisheries biologist by education (and profession for some years) I deal a lot with environmental issues when and where they pertain to fish and water. I also specialise in fly fishing and travel all over the world to sample exotic fishing and thus get new material for new articles and books. Of which I have written 22 so far - in my own name. Besides that I have co-authored another half dozen international books. You may in fact well have read some of my writings or looked at some of my photos without knowing it!

But let us cut the story short. You have probably stumbled upon this home page because you were looking for some information on fishing in Denmark in general or East Jutland in particular. No other part of Denmark offers the diversity and quality fishing that East Jutland does. We have the highest concentration of lakes, the most varied coastline, the longest Danish river (the River Guden) and the most seatrout and salmon. If you feel like trying out some Danish fishing, look no further!

So, for your convenience I have compiled the most essential facts about the fishing possibilities we have here in Denmark. So far there are 15 articles to choose from - 12 of them on the angling possibilities in each month of the year.


- Are you planning to visit East-Jutland, and are you uncertain as to how to approach the local fishing?

Then feel free to contact Steen Ulnits, fisheries biologist, 20+ book author, keen fisherman, TV producer, photographer and webmaster of this website, and book him for guiding. You can do this on an hourly or daily basis.

Apart from travelling the Globe and guiding trips to exotic parts of this Earth, Steen Ulnits has been fishing the waters of East Jutland for more than 30 years. Thus you are in good hands - be it in freshwater or saltwater, flyfishing or spinning, walking, wading or boating!

- Or maybe you feel like being guided for a few days while staying in a nice cottage with full board, close to the ocean?

If so, please contact me for available dates and current prices. For additional information and photos on this opportunity, please click here!

- Welcome back!

Steen Ulnits

Angling in January
On many of the county's rivers, the new season kicks off on January 16.
Angling in February
Just as you think that spring is on its way, King Winter often tightens his grip...
Angling in March
Along the shorelines, things start happening in March. Trout are on the prowl!
Angling in April
April is the month where the first bright salmon traditionally move up the rivers.
Angling in May
In May, millions of midges hatch from the muddy lake bottoms.
Angling in June
The light northern nights of June belong to silvery sea trout.
Angling in July
July is usually a somewhat quiet month for the dry fly fisherman.
Angling in August
Now the eels start migrating towards the Sargasso Sea. And the mackerels are in!
Angling in September
September is the first real autumnal month, recognized as such by the fish.
Angling in October
October is often the month where the largest river fish of the season are caught.
Angling in November
Only grayling may still be caught, while trout and salmon are spawning.
Angling in December
December is not one of the great months for angling in Denmark...
Year of the Sea Trout
Seatrout migrate all year long. Learn where and when to find them!
Catching the elusive Sea Trout
Proven tackle and techniques to catch salty Danish sea trout.
An amazingly simple and highly effective synthetic fly for salty seatrout.

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